Finding lost relatives through DNA


DNACambodia is a registered NGO based in the Netherlands.


Our mission is to provide DNA testing, assistance and education to Cambodians worldwide to help reunite family members, separated and missing for decades from War, Genocide and Poverty.  We provide free test kits in Cambodia, assist those outside Cambodia to purchase test kits and educate all Cambodians on the DNA test facts. We offer hope to families separated, often across continents, to find their family members. For every new test added to the project there is hope that they could be the missing child, parent, or sibling to those who have already tested.


This website provides DNA information and resources for those seeking to be reunited.


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DNACambodia is funding the Cambodia registered NGO Khmer Family Charity Organization (KFCO) so they can collect the DNA and manage the information of our Cambodian beneficiaries who hope to find their family through DNA. The DNACambodia board initiated the creation of the NGO KFCO in Cambodia which is registered as an offical NGO at the ministry of interior in Cambodia in order to achieve their goals. Mr. Po-Thai Kin is their general director. NGO KFCO has a website in Khmer language.

DNA Tests


It can be hard to choose which DNA test to take if you search for relatives. Especially if you are an international adoptee. We'll explain to you which tests there are, and how your chances to find relatives can be enlarged.



To test as many people in Cambodia who have lost a child to international adoption, we need money. We don't know how many children were adopted internationally from Cambodia, but it is probably anywhere between 3000 and 6000. Our dream is to test all people in Cambodia who want to take a test.

Our partner: MyHeritage


MyHeritage, one of the autosomal DNA companies, has generously donated a large amount of DNA tests to our cause. We are very grateful they have helped us achieve our dream, testing people in Cambodia who has lost a relative!

Our partner: FamilyTreeDNA


FamilyTreeDNA is the location where the Khmer Cousins Project has been hosted for many years. They kindly donated to us many free MyHeritage transfers to their database.