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Our Story

DNACambodia was founded by 3 women whose lives were touched by the tragic circumstances in Cambodia: Chairman Li-Da Kruger was adopted from Cambodia as a baby, and secretary Kari Lemons and treasurer Meta Meulenbelt both adopted children of Cambodian origin. Natural curiosity led Li-Da, Kari’s children, and Meta’s daughter to seek information about their backgrounds.


Their respective quests for the truth about the circumstances that brought their families together ignited within them a desire to help other families find happy endings.


You can read more about each of their stories here.


Participate in the project

If you are of Cambodian origin and are looking to find your family — you’ve come to the right place. Click here to apply to participate in the project.


Click here for more information about DNA testing. If you need help with deciding which DNA test to buy, please use our advice tool.


Help us reunite families

Your donation will help fund DNA testing for Cambodian locals.





DNACambodia created and provides funding for the Cambodia-registered NGO Khmer Family Charity Organization (KFCO), which collects DNA and manages the information of our Cambodian beneficiaries. Click here to visit the KFCO website in the Khmer language.

Starting in the 1970s, Cambodia was plunged into a devastating conflict. War, genocide, poverty and adoption ripped families apart, and the chaos left in the wake of the political upheaval made it extremely difficult for these families to find each other, even decades later.


DNACambodia is an NGO, registered in the Netherlands, that helps Cambodians find lost loved ones through DNA testing. We distribute free DNA tests in Cambodia, help those outside Cambodia to purchase DNA test kits, and educate Cambodians worldwide on DNA testing and how it can help them. Every additional person who takes a DNA test brings new hope that a match will be found for lost children, parents, or siblings who have already been tested.

Watch the movie "Prue Leith: Journey With My Daughter".

Password is PLJWMD. Li-Da Kruger, our chairman, and her adoptive mother go back to Cambodia. 



Watch Li-Da's movie