Some companies allow transfers from other labs to be entered into their database. To do this you would create a transfer account from the new company and then upload your RAW DNA File (your result) to those sites. As a person searching for DNA matches of family members, it is very important to have your DNA results in as many company databases as possible. We call it fishing for matches in the ocean of all companies rather than in a pond of just one company. Besides the 4 companies, there is one database where everybody who has tested at one of the companies, can also upload their RAW DNA File to. This database is called Gedmatch .


Which test is the best?

There is no such thing as 'the best test'; your best strategy would be to include your DNA in as many databases as possible. Luckily, some companies accept the transfer of results - also known as your 'RAW DNA file' - from one database to the other. Those accepting results are the databases Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage and Gedmatch. Therefore you might want to start with a DNA kit from another company and transfer your results there. While every company may have sales offers, so you can shop for the best price, good choices are either Ancestry and 23andme. Ancestry has the largest database of test subjects and their DNA; most of them are located in the USA. 23andme has the second largest database of all the companies.When you have chosen to use either Ancestry or 23andme, you can then upload your results in all three FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and Gedmatch. Please note that entering your test results in FamilyTreeDNA is very important, as this is the company that hosts the Khmer Cousins ​​DNA Project. In this project, there are about 300 Cambodian member results that your results should be compared to. Another large Vietnamese project in Family Tree DNA database is Operation Babylift. This provides the option to have your DNA results be compared to an additional 100+ members.


When shall I buy a test?

DNA companies often have sales. The cheapest price for tests is in November and December (between Nov 25th and Dec 31st), but they also have sales around other holidays like Valentines day, Mothers day, Fathers day and International DNA day (April 25th). 


What about my privacy?

Each company has a privacy policy that you have to agree too. Be sure to read it. In order to be able to make contact with the matches you do get, you will need an email address that you check on a regular basis. You don't have to put your real name on a DNA site to participate in a DNA test. You can take an alias name (some sites require it to be a “real name”, they don't accept only initials for example, but you can still use a fake name there). Another option to remain anonymous is to create an email address used only for the registration on the DNA sites. While you can be almost totally anonymous, the point is to make contact with your family members.


Which company should I use?

DNACambodia recommends that to find the most family members you need to be in all the labs and databases.

If you have never ordered a DNA test before , we recommend that the first test you get is a Ancestry test. This test can be transferred to 4 of the 5 other databases and makes it the most cost effective purchase. Once you get the results back from Ancestry they can be transferred to Family Tree DNA (Free + optional small fee for Advanced tools), MyHeritage (Free), and Gedmatch (Free).

If you buy your Ancestry DNA test through this link or the banner, DNACambodia will receive an incentive from Ancestry!








The missing lab is 23andme and you would have to purchase their test to be in all the databases. 


If you have purchased a test before , please click the DNA Testing menu link and select the company where you purchased your test. Click the other Company links to find instructions for transferring your results there.


I'm confused, please help me!

If you need help with deciding which DNA test to buy, please use our advice tool . If you need help with transferring your DNA result from one database to another, we have all information about downloading RAW DNA and uploading it to other databases in the DNA Testing menu.

When you need a helping hand, please contact us. We're glad to help you!



DNA Testing


There are different types of DNA tests.


Historically the Codis test was the only test available for matching a parent to a child until 2012. You had to test the parent and the child to get a match. It was not helpful for adopted persons trying to find birth family.


Autosomal DNA

The test recommended for searching for relatives now is called the Autosomal DNA test (ADNA). There are 4 big DNA companies that do ADNA testing; FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), MyHeritage, Ancestry, and 23andme. When you test at one of these companies, your results will be entered into their database, and will automatically be compared with all their customers.