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Our dream is to test everybody in Cambodia who lost a relative, whether through international adoption, the civil war or the Khmer Rouge period. People in Cambodia are generally poor, they don't have the money to buy a DNA test. For this purpose we started a GoFundMe to gather funds to buy DNA tests and to help pay for courier services, staff and logistics for activities inside Cambodia. 

We have different ways to donate to our project. All funds will help towards:

- buying DNA tests

- help paying for in country activities like travel and collecting DNA

- help paying for mailing costs (sending DNA tests to the lab)

- help pay for our regular cost, like domain hosting for example


If you are a USA citizen, and you want to make a tax deductable donation, please use our option at the bottom of this page.


Our GoFundMe is our ongoing fundraising page. Everybody can use this platform, and all donated funds will be used towards our goal!



We created a PayPal account for DNACambodia, so it would be very easy for people using PayPal to help our NGO.

This donation page is specifically targeted at Dutch people interested. Through this page it is easy to pay by iDeal.

Current Fundraising CampaignsPaypal Ongoing Monthly Donations

Campaign Ending March 31!


GoFundMe Campaign

To raise 6 months Salary and Expenses (10,000 Euros) for our Cambodian office, this campaign will end on December 31.

Ongoing Campaign


Paypal Monthly Support Campaign 

To sign up donors that provide a monthly donation to our general account. Monies will go to support the Netherlands office and expenses, the Cambodian Office and expenses, and to purchase DNA test kits when necessary.





USA tax deductable donations

DNACambodia is now fiscally sponsored by to make US donations tax deductable for eligible US tax payers. Your donation will be sent to DNAConnect, through their PayPal account, and DNAConnect will then transfer the donations to DNACambodia. Please select DNAConnect - Cambodia in the selectbox. Through this option also montly donations are possible. We are grateful for DNAConnect's sponsorship!