This company is located in Texas, USA. Our DNACambodia ​​project is hosted here. That is why, for Cambodians searching for relatives, they should always upload to this database or take this test if this is the only test you will take. Their test is a swab test, you have to swab your cheeks and return the swabs to their lab. They allow DNA Transfers from other companies, it is free to signup, but there is a small fee after results are ready for extra functionality. The test is called the "Family Finder" test. 




Download your RAW DNA

If you have tested your DNA at FamilyTreeDNA, and you want to download your RAW DNA (so you can upload it to other sites), please follow these instructions. 

  1. Sign in to your myFTDNA account.
  2. On the menu bar, click myFTDNA> MyDNA> Family Finder> Download RAW Data.
  3. Click on the data and build you wish to download (the Build 37 Autosomal RAW Data).

The file is then downloaded to your computer. It is a ZIP file. Don't unzip this file, just store it in a safe place on your computer. You can rename it so you recognize it later.

You can now transfer your DNA to MyHeritage and Gedmatch .


Create an account and transfer your RAW DNA file to FamilyTreeDNA

If you have done a DNA test at another company, you can transfer your RAW DNA file to FamilyTreeDNA for free. Use this Family Tree DNA Transfer link. Fill out the form and you will be sent a Kit ID and password in a email. When you log-in you will be asked to upload your RAW Data File. 

When the results are processed you will get access to your autosomal matches and the Family Finder Matrix. For an additional $19 you will get access to their ChromosomeBrowser, myOrigins and ancientOrigins too. Once you have your account please join the Khmer Cousins ​​Project with the instructions below.


Join our DNACambodia ​​Project at FamilyTreeDNA

 Make sure you are logged off your FTDNA account page. To join our DNACambodia project at Family Tree DNA go to our DNACambodia project page.  Click the 'Join' Button then click the 'Sign-in to join' link on the right. Sign-into your account and you are now a member! This same link and process can be used to order a new test also. Click the 'Join' button and and click the 'Order New Test' link on the left. Scroll down the list of tests till you see the Family Finder Test and click 'Order'.