DNACambodia funds the Cambodian registered NGO KFCO (Khmer Family Charity Organization). They collect DNA and

manage the information of our Cambodian beneficiaries. The managing director is Po-Thai Khin. This is his introduction:


Po-Thai has trained and worked as a tour guide in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor for almost 20 years, as well as being involved as a qualified archaeologist in temple restoration. He diversified by moving into the film and TV business, as a Fixer and research Producer. 


Po-Thai met co-founder Li-Da Kruger back in 2019, when she planned to film and search for her Cambodian birth parents. Then for several months Po-Thai undertook extensive and detailed research to solve the mystery. After searching archives the closest match he found for Li-Da was finding Mrs. Soth, who had lost her daughter. Their DNA test results prove they are not related at all.


Po-Thai became so interested in DNA testing that he wanted to help other families. He is now a crucial member of our DNACambodia family and runs operations on the ground, after setting up the local NGO, named Khmer Family Charity Organization (KFCO) in Cambodia.





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