This company is based in Israel. They advertise a lot in Europe, but they also have a big American customer base. Their test is a swab test, you have to swab your cheeks and return the swabs to their lab. MyHeritage allows the transfer of RAW DNA results from other companies, and you will see your matches for free there too. For some of the more advanced features of the website you have to pay a fee.




Download your RAW DNA

If you have tested your DNA at MyHeritage, and you want to download your RAW DNA (so you can upload it to other sites), please follow these instructions. 

  1. Log into your account at MyHeritage.
  2. In the menu go to DNA> Manage DNA kits.
  3. Click on the three dots at the right side of the page (of the DNA result you want to download) and select 'Download'.
  4. A popup appears, click 'Continue'.
  5. In the next screen you have to accept the terms and conditions by selecting the checkbox. Then click 'Continue'.
  6. You will receive an email in your mailbox that contains a download link.
  7. Click the download link (only valid for 24 hours!).
  8. You are directed to the MyHeritage website where you have to login (again).
  9. Click the button 'Download'. The file is now downloaded to your computer.


The file is a ZIP file. Don't unzip this file, just store it in a safe place on your computer. You can rename it so you recognize it later.

You can now transfer your DNA to FamilyTreeDNA and Gedmatch .


Create an account at MyHeritage

To upload your RAW DNA to MyHeritage, you first have to create an account.

  1. Go to this page on their website, MyHeritage.
  2. Fill in your own information and select "start my tree".
  3. Fill in the information about your parents and grandparents, or leave empty if you don't have this information and select the "next" button each time.
  4. Fill in your password twice and submit. 

Your account is now created at MyHeritage and you can then proceed with uploading your RAW DNA file.


Transfer your RAW DNA file to MyHeritage

If you have done a DNA test at another company, and you want to transfer your RAW DNA file to MyHeritage, you first have to create an account there. When you already have an account, you can then proceed and transfer your RAW DNA. 

Select DNA> Upload DNA data in the menu. On this page select the "Start" button. On the next page you have to state if the DNA you are going to upload is your own, or somebody else's. After you filled this form, select the button "Upload". You can then select the RAW DNA file that is on your computer, and start the upload.
Depending on your internet connection the upload will take some time. After uploading the file, MyHeritage will process this kit. This will take a few days. You will receive an email when the processing is done. Then you can see your matches.