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Policy plan DNACambodia 2021 - 2023




Strategy and objective

Organization DNACambodia foundation

The work of the DNACambodia foundation

Recruitment funds DNACambodia foundation

Asset Management




The DNACambodia Foundation wants to have an up-to-date multi-year policy plan. This is to provide insight into the way in which the foundation carries out its work to achieve its objective. This policy plan was discussed and adopted during the board meeting on 26 May 2021. The plan will be evaluated annually and adjusted if necessary.

This policy plan addresses successively:

  • The strategy and objective of the DNACambodia foundation
  • The way the foundation is organised
  • The work that the DNACambodia foundation does
  • The way DNACambodia Foundation raises money 
  • Asset Management
  • Administration


Strategy and objective

The objective of the DNACambodia foundation is to facilitate, perform and manage DNA testing for Cambodians in and from Cambodia, to help them search for and be reunited with biological family from which they are separated. Every year, the DNACambodia foundation wants to generate so many resources that at least 1000 DNA results are included in the DNA project DNACambodia within the DNA database of FamilyTreeDNA.


Our mission is to provide DNA testing, assistance and education to Cambodians around the world to help reunite family members who have been separated and missing for decades due to war, genocide and poverty. We provide free test kits in Cambodia, help people outside of Cambodia buy test kits, and educate all Cambodians about the facts about DNA testing. We offer hope to divorced families, often across continents, to find their relatives. For each new test added to the project, there is hope that they could be the missing child, parent, or sibling of those who have already tested.


The DNACambodia Foundation is not for profit. All funds received, except for administrative and organizational costs, are fully used to achieve our objective.


Organization DNACambodia foundation

The board of the DNACambodia foundation consists of a voluntary board of at least 3 members.


Ms. Li-Da Kruger - United Kingdom; chairman

Mrs. Kari Lemons - U.S.A .; secretary

Mrs. Meta Meulenbelt-Hörz - The Netherlands; treasurer


This board meets at least once a month and is responsible for policy.


The foundation does not employ people in paid employment or for any other compensation.


To protect the privacy of the persons whose DNA is managed by the foundation, personal data is treated with the greatest possible care. In this context, DNACambodia Foundation complies with the rules set out in the Personal Data Protection Act.


The work of the DNACambodia foundation

The target group of the DNACambodia foundation are Cambodians, living in or outside Cambodia, who have lost a family member due to war, genocide and poverty.


Cambodians living within Cambodia can do a DNA test for free in Cambodia through the KFCO Cambodia foundation, registered in Cambodia. Cambodians living outside Cambodia can ask for help in making a choice for a DNA test. We offer information to everyone of Cambodian descent about how a DNA test works when looking for relatives. If someone of Cambodian descent reports to the foundation, a board member will contact them.


The Cambodian foundation KFCO Cambodia is financed by the DNACambodia foundation.


Recruitment funds DNACambodia foundation

The DNACambodia Foundation receives neither incidental nor structural subsidy from the government. As a result, the foundation is completely dependent on donations (in cash or in kind) from individuals and companies, and on actions and events set up by the foundation itself or third parties.


The DNACambodia Foundation has no obligation in return to sponsors.


The DNACambodia Foundation itself decides whether and how attention is paid to the sponsors on the website or in the newsletter.

All sponsors and donors can register for the periodic newsletters in order to stay informed about the ups and downs of the foundation.

The foundation's financial year is equal to the calendar year. Within six months after the end of the financial year, the board provides the balance sheet and the statement of income and expenditure. After approval and adoption, the annual accounts are presented to interested parties for inspection.


Asset Management

According to article 9 of the Articles of Association, the board of the DNACambodia foundation closes the books of the foundation on the last day of the financial year and prepares a balance sheet and a statement of income as soon as possible, but no later than five months after the end of the financial year. and charges for the past financial year. The foundation's financial year is equal to the calendar year.

The financial documents for the year 2020 have been prepared by the treasurer. From the 2021 financial year, the annual accounts will be audited and drawn up by Hensens & Hensens Administration & Tax Experts in Scheemda.


After approval and adoption, the annual accounts are presented to interested parties for inspection.


Administration of the DNACambodia foundation

The administration is set up in such a way that the requirements set in the context of ANBI can be checked by the tax authorities.